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Building WIPBR
WIPBR was started with a single person's love for the breed. From there, others joined to created a small group trying hard to help these dogs. We are dedicated to helping rehabilitate and rehome these wonderful dogs, as well as educate people about WHAT the APBT really is.

On the right, Weezee (APBT/Rottweiler mix) found a stick to play with at the local dog park.

The foster homes
What is a foster home? A foster home is where the dogs stay until their forever homes are found. The foster parents take the dogs in, care for them as their own, then sadly part with them when the time has come for the dog to leave. It's a hard job. Rescued dogs often come with "baggage" and the foster homes must, on a regular basis, deal with these problems. They must also be willing to work with adult dogs that have never had training, maybe never been in a house, or even never had much human contact. They also must care for the illness or injuries the dogs may have. The dogs are there for different periods of time. Some a week, others a month or two. It all depends on the shape of the dog when it comes in and what applications have been submitted

Currently, WIPBR has three foster homes open to the dogs. We are always looking for more though. Fostering can be a great way to get involved with rescue. If you are not sure what breed of dog you want, fostering gives you first hand expericence with the breed you are interested in. Of course, fostering is not a trial run in dog ownership, especially when looking for a certian dog. It is a commitment that must be cared for. However, after fostering one or two dogs, you may decide you are looking for something else in a breed for you. It would have then been a win-win situation, as you helped a dog or two find homes, and you redefined your needs.

If you are interested in more information about fostering, please contact us!

Transporting dogs
Although WIPBR is based in the Mount Horeb area of Wisconsin, we are open to help and adoptions that are not in the direct area. We DO transport dogs, but we also have limitations. Due to requirements and regulations regarding pit bulls in airports, we do not fly dogs. We are willing to drive most anywhere in the state of WI, as well some of MN, IL, IN and MI. We do ask that adopters be willing to drive most, if not all, the way here for us to meet them.

Due to limitations on pit bulls in Ohio, we will NOT adopt to people who live there. Other locations and areas are negotiable. Also, if our group cannot help you because of where you are, we may be able to refer you to another group that is closer to you, so please ask!

Email Us!
When emailing, please include WIPBR in the subject