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Here are just a few of the dogs (and other animals) we have helped
Pictured here are the "success stories" of our group. As you can see, they are not all Pit Bulls, they are not all even dogs! However, they all had one thing in common--they needed new homes. Not all of them found homes through us either--some we just happened to have for a short while until the appropriate breed rescues could take them. However, if they spent one day with us, they have an impact, and therefore deserve to get a picture and blurb up on the page!

Rugby, a tan and white APBT, was adopted in September of 2002 by his foster mom Brittany!

Maggie, a German Shorthair Pointer, found a home through us in 2002. Look at that tail wagging!

George, a beagle mix pup, was surrendered to the animal hospital I work at. He found a home with another one of our clients in 2002.

Skip (red APBT) was adopted by Miya (white and red APBT) in 2001.

Deuce, a Canine Good Citizen, adopted by WIPBR founder Liz Shalkham (in the blue scrubs), helps teach about Bad Rap Dogs for a Humane Education class in the spring of 2002. He was adopted by Liz in the spring of 2000.

Jamaica, an Arabian gelding, needed a home where people understood his training needs. He was adopted in 2001.

Meeko, a Siberian Husky, stayed in one of our foster homes for a week until we transported him to Husky rescue in 2001.

Angel, a Yorkshire Terrier, was in need of a new home. We helped her find her way to another rescue that had the perfect home waiting in 2002.

Fionna, a sweet older blue female AmStaff found her home in Sept. 2002 after spending time in one of our foster homes since May! She's a VERY happy dog now!!

LuLu, a Rat Terrier, was in need of a home in the summer of 2002. She was placed quickly into her new home.

Weezee, a pit bull/rottweiler and Canine Good Citizen, was adopted in January of 2000, and now lives shares her home with Deuce and Liz. She also participates in Humane Education classes.

Captain, a pit bull/boxer mix, had a broken leg in the summer of 2001. We had his leg fixed (thanks in part to boxer rescue!) and placed him in his forever home.

Phish, a coonhound/pit bull mix was adopted in the spring of 2005.

Mya went home in May of 2005. She now has a big brother, Conan to play with all day long!